A new world of investment opportunity

As a pioneering leader in the digital securities market, Fusang aims to set the global standard for digital finance, operating with the robust oversight, structure, and licensing of a traditional stock exchange. Our vision extends beyond the current market offerings to include innovative asset classes powered through blockchain technology. The seamless integration of digital and conventional financial systems enable diverse assets to be traded in a regulated and secure ecosystem, providing unmatched opportunities for financial institutions and their clients around the world.

Fusang’s leadership team, board directors, and advisors bring together industry leaders, in-depth capital markets know-how, government sector know-how, and experience in bringing disruptive technology companies to market. Fusang is equipped with the experience of leadership across multiple disciplines that ensure honesty, integrity, and an innovative financial ecosystem can be built compliantly and will thrive.

Henry Chong

Henry Chong

Chief Executive Officer

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Fusang's Chief Executive Officer

Henry Chong is the Chief Executive Officer of Fusang.

Henry is a Member of the Fusang Exchange's Exchange Committee, and is the Chairman of its Listing Committee.

Henry works closely with global institutional investors and financial regulators to bring professionalism and structure to the industry, and is a regular keynote speaker on the subject of digital assets. He is also a member of the University of Oxford’s Digital Assets Project at the Commercial Law Centre.

Henry is a Board Director of Portcullis: The Asian Wealth Manager. Portcullis is Asia's biggest independent group of trust companies, and provides a one-stop shop for corporate, trustee and fund administration services to high-net-worth individuals, family offices, philanthropies, private banks, and investment managers.

Henry holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Philosophy, Politics & Economics, and a Master of Arts from the University of Oxford. Henry holds a Masters of Science in Behavioural Science at the London School of Economics & Political Science, where he wrote his thesis on the behaviour of family offices. He also holds a Diploma in Information Technology, that he completed at the age of 12, and a Certificate in Chinese Language & Literature from Peking University.

Henry is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society.

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Fusang's President & Chief Business Officer

Kelvin served as CEO/COO of Baikal: an institutional private equity and commercial real estate platform built on the blockchain for CLSA. Funding was raised from a leading investment bank, private equity and real estate company.

Kelvin is a former regulator with Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission serving both Intermediaries and Enforcement, where he drove the Market Intelligence Programme. He was responsible for the globalisation of Liquidnet: the most successful darkpool serving a network of institutional buy-side investors that transformed how over 15T+ AUM is transacted today.

Kelvin also serves as the co-chair for the Association of Family Offices (Philanthropy and Legacy Group).

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Kelvin Ung

Kelvin Ung

President & Chief Business Officer

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Fusang’s Foundations

In the world of innovation, Fusang is the latest stock exchange to come to market. Born out of the initial vision to digitise companies' share registries by putting share ownership on the blockchain, Fusang has evolved from it’s initial founding by CEO Henry Chong, and new President Kelvin Ung, to ignite the vision for Fusang 2.0: a true meeting of minds, ideas, and market innovation.

Fusang 2.0 is a digital stock exchange that is creating a revolutionary shift in capital markets by bridging access to public, private, and alternative asset investments. Fusang is a B2B member-driven exchange and network serving regulated financial intermediaries across globally-recognised IOSCO jurisdictions.

Together, Henry and Kelvin have merged their profound insights into digital finance with their extensive networks of wealthy investors and family offices worldwide, fostering a dynamic global investment network. This network champions institutional investment products powered by tokenisation and the innovative Fusang Depository Receipt. Notably, Fusang introduced the world’s first institutional Shariah-compliant Sovereign-linked Sukuk, tapping into the liquidity of the Islamic finance markets and presenting a novel investment avenue.

The founders' vision is to seamlessly integrate traditional finance with digital securities across a standardised, regulated, and custodial framework trusted by traditional financial intermediaries across the world. This framework aims to democratise access to investment opportunities typically reserved for high-net-worth individuals, institutional investors, and family offices.

This borderless network allows institutional investors to seamlessly plug in and access all manner of investment opportunities made possible via the power of the blockchain and tokenisation, offering the promise of a more equitable and accessible capital market ecosystem.

Fusang’s extensive global network not only enhances secondary market liquidity but also improves price discovery through increased transparency, whilst at the same time allowing for 24x7 arbitrage trading opportunities for global market makers. Being fully licensed and regulated, our intermediary network ensures all parties engage with confidence, adhering to stringent AML, KYC, and FATCA standards—critical components that drive forward the digital finance sector.

Henry and Kelvin’s unified vision has transformed the traditional capital market landscape, allowing for straightforward trading in tokenised securities. Their belief in the importance of an intermediary network in the future of finance has solidified their partnership.

The meeting of Henry’s deep family wealth background and vision to build a new digital exchange, with and Kelvin’s global institutional buy-side experience at Liquidnet and regulatory know-how around financial markets has created a leadership pair that is unrivalled.

Together, they have motivated their team to spearhead the next wave of financial innovation—the digitisation of financial instruments and markets, moving beyond the mere electronic facilitation of transactions.

Be part of the future of finance – powered by Fusang’s digital securities exchange!

Meet the full team at fusang

Our identity

Built for access and liquidity

We are standardised Market Infrastructure

Bringing together a network of Financial Institutions, within existing licensing & regulatory frameworks: providing the marketplaces and tools needed to connect global investor networks and liquidity to fractionalised institutional investments.

We are the Bridge

Securities & Tokenisation. We've built Fusang Depository Receipts that allow assets to be bridged back-and-forth between “paper” and tokenised form, enabling Issuers & Sponsors to leverage the best of both worlds.

We are built for Builders

We have built institutional blockchain infrastructure where financial institutions can meet all their regulatory obligations, allowing tokens to be seamlessly transferred. Allowing low-cost spin ups of new financial ecosystems and markets, reducing the cost to bring new businesses to market to solve capital market problems.

We are empower Brokers and create investor access

We simplify access to private and alternative investments for all investors through their existing brokers and within well-established fund structures. Our approach is grounded in a clearly defined legal framework and secure custodial relationships for each investment. By enabling access to new asset classes, we broaden the investor base and enhance market liquidity.


Lead the world in the financial tokenised evolution

Fusang is at the forefront of financial innovation, harnessing blockchain technology to revolutionize business operations. Our mission is to simplify securities offerings through instant digital asset tokenisation and trading. We're building a global network encompassing institutions, brokers, family offices, and investors, dedicated to advancing tokenised traditional finance (TradFi) and alternative investment opportunities.

Our vision is a world where finance is enhanced by tokenisation, offering greater ease, efficiency, and accessibility. We're committed to leading this transformation, paving the way for a future where finance is more inclusive and opportunities are readily available for all. Join us in shaping this exciting new era of tokenised finance.


Foundational infrastructure for the tokenised future

Fusang’s Mission is to build a blockchain-based network of regulated financial institutions, powering borderless transfers of tokenised assets.


All assets everywhere are tokenised

Fusang’s Vision for the future of finance is a world in which all assets are tokenised, to provide all investors greater access and liquidity.


We do the right thing - legally, morally, ethically


We take ownership of our work


We seek the new - we are not afraid to ask questions


We look to apply what we have learned


We are forthcoming, open
and honest

Why plug into Fusang?

Partner with Fusang Exchange to create a co-branded listing board focused on your specific target market. Fusang can support the listing of multiple asset classes, from securities, to commodities, and alternative assets.

Putting compliance first

We’re laser-focused on building a licensed entity that complies with traditional securities regulation.

Simplifying the complex

Our digital-native platform gives us a level of global reach that no traditional stock exchange can replicate.

Catalysing positive change

By bringing businesses, stakeholders and communities in new ways, we’re showing that better kinds of investment relationships are possible.

Why issue with Fusang?

We help businesses connect with brokers and their global investors. Imagine a future with no more paperwork, no more road shows and no more onboarding - allowing you to focus on what you are best at.

Raising funds

Our issuers can raise funds without worrying about hefty fees and inferior user experience.

Accessing global investors

Our digital-native platform gives us a level of global reach that no traditional stock exchange can replicate.

Building alternative value networks

By bringing businesses, stakeholders and communities in new ways, we’re showing that better kinds of investment relationships are possible.