Fusang Listings

Fusang provides investors with the wide selection of investment opportunities ranging from real world asset tokens to cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies and security tokens represent cutting-edge financial instruments that have revolutionised the investment landscape.

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How Fusang does listings?

Fusang serves as a platform where various security tokens and cryptocurrencies are traded. The process of listing a new security token on Fusang involves a rigorous evaluation by the Fusang’s team. A comprehensive due diligence process on the target are conducted to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, investor protection and transparency.

On the other hand, the process of listing a cryptocurrency involves a multifaceted evaluation process conducted by Fusang’s team. Factors such as the project’s technology, market demand, team expertise, and regulatory compliance are taken into consideration.


World's first institutional tokenised sukuk, enhancing access to Islamic finance through blockchain technology.

Enchanced Liquidity

Enables easier access to liquid Islamic financial instruments.

Sovereign Security

Provides investment opportunities in secure, sovereign-linked Sukuk.


Pioneering data-driven hedge fund in the cryptocurrency and digital token space.

Diversified Strategies

Provides exposure to a wide range of funds to meet every investment strategy

Regulatory Compliance Fund Structure

Adheres to stringent regulatory standards to ensure the highest level of security to investors


Diverse range of cryptocurrencies for modern investors.

Competitive Spreads

Provide competitive spreads and deep liquidity for optimal trading conditions

Portfolio Diversification

Facilitates a diversified investment portfolio for better risk management.

Listing Information

With in-depth expertise, Fusang support clients across their entire journey towards a private or public token listing in Fusang.

What type of assets can be tokenised and listed on Fusang Exchange?

Fusang can create and list tokenised shares of most of the real world’s assets including regulated financial instruments such as equities, bonds, funds. Therefore, the listing of these tokenised assets allow investors to diversify their investment portfolios into asset classes previously well out of their reach.

Rules of Exchange

Please refer to the Rules of Exchange here for your thorough understanding on the listing and trading rules in Fusang Exchange platform.

Listing Requirements

Different instruments have specific requirements to meet before they get listed in Fusang. If you intend to list your assets in Fusang, please refer to the below listing requirements in Public and Private Market Board.

Issuer Listing

Public Market Listing
Type of Instrument
Specific Requirements
Private Market Listing
Type of Instrument
Specific Requirements

Issuerless Listing in Public Market & Private Market

Type of Instrument
Specific Requirements
Listed Shares
Bonds and Sukuk
Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

Listing in Public Market or Private Market

If you are interested to proceed the listing of your tokens in Fusang, please fill in the required application details and submit all the necessary documents to us. We shall revert back to you once we receive your listing application.

Type of Instrument
Specific Requirement
Bond and Sukuk