Fusang Fees

Explore Fusang's comprehensive fee structure designed to support our institutional members' trading, settlement, and digital asset management needs.

Fees structure overview

Fusang places a high priority on serving our institutional members, which are regulated financial institutions, by offering specialised membership categories tailored to their needs. Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of services encompassing trading, settlement, and digital asset management. This robust infrastructure is designed to increase asset volumes across the network and foster active participation.

Our fee structure is thoughtfully crafted to scale with transaction volumes. This approach not only supports the financial sustainability of Fusang but also benefits our members by aligning our interests with their success. It underscores Fusang’s commitment to fostering mutual growth and facilitating value creation within our ecosystem, emphasising our role as a pivotal entity in the financial industry’s evolution toward digital asset integration.

The Fusang Platform comprises services provided by a number of entities. View the sub-pages below for detailed information on each fee category.