Token Bridge Trust Ltd (formerly Fusang Trust Ltd)

Managed Trust Licence (Labuan)

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Licensed to serve as a Managed Trust by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA), under the Labuan Financial Services & Securities Act (LFSSA) [s71 LFSSA 2010].

Primary activities

  1. Transfer agent: establishing or using a share transfer office or share registration office;
  2. Trust Administration: administering, managing or otherwise dealing with property as an agent, legal personal representative or trustee, whether by servant or agent or otherwise;
  3. Agency services: maintaining an agent for the purpose of soliciting or procuring business, whether or not the agent is continuously resident in Labuan; maintaining an office, agency or branch, whether or not that office, agency or branch is also used for any purpose by another entity;
  4. Corporate services: the provision of (i) management and accounting services to; or (ii) directors, secretaries and registered offices for, Labuan companies and foreign Labuan companies; incorporating or registering companies under the Labuan Companies Act 1990 and generally acting as a lodging agent for any document required to be lodged by a company or person under that Act.

Custodian of Public Funds

  1. Acting as custodian of segregated trust accounts, including for public funds and public securities offerings. [s50 LFSSA 2010].

Agent for Registration of Prospectus for Public Securities Offerings

  1. Acting as agent for the submission of prospectuses to the regulator for public securities offerings & IPOs.
  2. For monies paid for securities in respect of a public securities offering, all monies must be paid to a Labuan trust company or bank licensee acting as agent for the issuer. [s16, s82 LFSSA 2010].

Handling of Client Monies

For all Labuan financial licensees undertaking digital financial services (DFS):

  • Client monies must be maintained in accounts separate from its own bank account and marked in its books as relating to each client’s account.
  • Client monies cannot be mixed with the firm’s general assets at any time;
  • Client monies must be readily identified at any time;
  • Client monies accounts need to be reconciled with internal records and client records at least monthly;
  • Withdrawal instructions is expected to be completed within 3 working days.