What is Fusang Network?

The Fusang Network is a blockchain-based network of regulated financial institutions, powering borderless transfers of tokenised assets. Plug into the Fusang Network and access private market infrastructure that works just like existing public markets.

Broaden product access and connect to greater liquidity on a global scale through the power of digital assets via the Fusang Network.

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A community is only as strong as the people who shape it. Armed with financial, legal and tech expertise, our diverse partners and members are poised to change the future of trading together. Join our expanding network today.

The Fusang Ecosystem

Extending institutional network and trustless blockchain settlement infrastructure

Fusang Platform Diagram

Application Process

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| Steps | Process | | :--- | :--- | | 1 | Check admission criteria: Applicant may check the admission criteria for each member type of Fusang. | | 2 | Submit application documents: Download the application form along with the applicable supporting/corporate documents and proceed to submit the duly completed documents to onboarding@fusang.co. | | 3 | Review and evaluation: We will review the submitted forms and documents accordingly. Applicant may be requested to provide further information or supplementarydocuments during the review process. | | 4 | Committee approval: Applicant will be notified if the submission is deemed to be incomplete by the Committee. | | 5 | Membership awarded: Successful applicant will be notified and presented with a Certificate of Membership. Membership details will be published on Fusang’s website accordingly. |

Admission Criteria

Refer to admission criteria below for the respective member type

| Type of Members | Admission Criteria | | :--- | :--- | | Type 1 Blockchain Member |
  • A licensed Financial Institution in its home jurisdiction with appropriate KYC/AML policies in place
  • Licensed in a CRS participating jurisdiction
| | Type 2 Trading Agent |
  • A licensed Financial Institution to act as a Broker/Securities Dealer in its home jurisdiction with appropriate KYC/AML policies in place
  • Licensed in a CRS participating jurisdiction
| | Type 3 Listing Sponsor |
  • A licensed Institution to act as a Listing Sponsor/Corporate Finance Advisor in its home jurisdiction with appropriate KYC/AML policies in place
  • Licensed in a CRS participating jurisdiction
| | Partner |
  • No financial institution license required. However, acceptance of application is subject to Fusang’s profile assessment

Application Documents

| Documents | Member Type | Partner | | :--- | :--- | :--- | | Member’s Application Form | Open Members form | Open Partners form | | Fusang KYC Checklist (1)| Open Checklist | Nil | | Entity – FATCA & CRS Self Certification Form | Open form | Nil | | Controlling Person – FATCA & CRS Self Certification Form | Open form | Nil | | Declaration of Source of Wealth and Source of Funds of the Entity | Open Declaration | Nil | | Board Resolution (2) | Open Board Resolution | Nil | | Letter of Authorisation (3) | Open Authorisation Letter | Nil | | Member and Partner Listing Form (4) | Open Members & Partners Form | Open Partners Listing Form |

1 For reference on corporate and supporting documents required to be submitted.
2 To authorize the account opening with Fusang (you may refer to the template for reference).
3 The accounts of Fusang Vault and Fusang Exchange will be assigned to the authorized user(s) according to the Letter of Authorization. Kindly assign a “Trader” to trade on behalf of the entity. The trader can be either a “Superuser” or “User” role at the same time. Please be reminded to indicate the “signing Mandate” on Page 3 as well.
4 Information provided will be used to publish on Fusang website for marketing purposes.

For more information or assistance, please contact us at onboarding@fusang.co

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