Industry Pioneers Unite to Create the Social Economic & Environmental (SEE) Fund

The World's First Circular, Tokenised and Sustainable Impact Fund Accelerating Financing & Delivery of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

December 19, 2023
December 19, 2023
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COP28 UAE 19 December 2023 – World Wide Generation, Fusang Exchange, the Association of Family Offices in Asia (AFO), BGI Capital, Upperhouse Capital, and Dunhill Ventures have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish the world's first circular alternative tokenised sustainable impact fund, called the Social Economic and Environmental Fund (SEE Fund). This MoU was signed at COP28 in the UAE recently.

This global consortium will introduce a digital, multi-asset class, sustainable impact fund which intends to raise £1bn by 2030. Guided by a Global Impact Council and Stewardship Commission, powered by World Wide Generation’s G17Eco monitoring and marketplace platform, and listed on Fusang Exchange; SEE Fund will enhance transparency, auditability, and distribution visibility.

SEE Fund: A Blended Investment Mandate for Global Impact

This pioneering fund represents a quantum leap in sustainable investing, expediting financing towards the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by enabling measurable, monitored and enforced commitment to impact: a first for ESG funds.

The Fund will utilise blockchain technology offered by Fusang Exchange to tokenise new asset classes like revenue-sharing and faith-based investment models. In turn, the G17Eco platform will provide monitoring and measurement of sustainability performance, in addition Fusang Exchange will also serve as the fund’s distribution platform, connecting investors to sustainability-focused investments.

Investee companies achieving sustainable targets will receive further investments, while their underperformance will redirect funds through a circular model, which will re-channel capital to catalyse similar SDG-aligned impact investments. In effect, SEE fund will be the world’s first auditable SDG-focussed fund with an embedded penalty mechanism built into its governance structure, enabling reinvestment in equivalent sustainable development objectives set out by its Global Impact Council.

This groundbreaking design upholds and monitors sustainability targets in a transparent manner, a feature lacking in traditional ESG approaches. In addition, the fund’s built-in integrity mechanism drives accountability to a new level, redirecting capital away from superficial greenwashing towards demonstrable, audited social and environmental change.

The fund’s structure aims to provide a cutting-edge solution to all stakeholders, including philanthropic funds and benefactors, seeking impactful SDG-related investments utilising the power of tokenisation and the transparency of blockchain. As a sign of commitment, all parties have also pledged 10% of revenue from all SEE Fund related earnings back into the fund, making it the world’s largest circular impact fund for SDGs.

World Wide Generation – Platform for SEE Monitoring & Reporting

World Wide Generation, a sustainability reporting fintech company, champions trusted data and measured impact, driven through ground-breaking tech solutions. Through its G17Eco platform, they can map, monitor, measure, manage and market any stakeholder's sustainability performance and contribution to the SDGs in real-time, all from one interoperable platform.

Manjula Lee, CEO and Founder of World Wide Generation, said: “I’m beyond thrilled that the G17Eco platform has been selected as the monitoring and marketplace platform for this ground-breaking and world-changing initiative. When I designed the G17Eco platform, it was to first build the monitoring and measurement transparency layer to unlock trusted, comparable and timely impact data to empower decision making, which I hoped would in turn unlock this level of financing at scale, galvanising financial institutions, family offices, governments, IGOs, NGOs and citizens from all over the world who will unite around the regeneration of our society, economy and environment.”

Fusang Exchange – Unlocking Global Liquidity for Sustainable Finance

As a pioneer in tokenised sustainable finance, Fusang Exchange is helping close the USD 2.5 trillion annual funding gap needed to meet global sustainability goals by 2030. By tapping the potential of blockchain and tokenisation, it aims to accelerate the flow of capital to vetted impact investments worldwide.

As a regulated digital stock exchange, Fusang will empower organisations of all sizes to issue tokenised impact bonds with minimal upfront costs: empowering greater access to capital by tokenising new sustainable asset classes including faith-based instruments and revenue sharing models. This ties the demonstrable impact of capital via clear values-driven investments, and to “pay it forward”, fund recipients can commit 10% revenue share back to SEE fund, enabling a recyclable capital pool for reinvestment into other SDG-aligned initiatives overseen by the Global Impact Council.

Kelvin Ung, President and Co-Founder of Fusang said: “At Fusang, we are committed to empowering responsible investors seeking to create a lasting, positive impact. Our regulated digital exchange connects investors worldwide with vetted sustainable ventures, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As pioneers in tokenisation, we utilise blockchain technology to break down barriers to entry, expanding distribution, enhancing access and transparency in sustainable finance”.

“This fund represents a major step towards our vision of a digital future where investments seamlessly flow to where they are most needed - driven by robust ESG metrics anchored on blockchain. By unlocking global liquidity and furthering accountability through our centralised exchange, Fusang enables a future where capital flows freely into auditable, measurable sustainable development. We invite all those seeking to make a meaningful impact to join us on this journey.” he added.

SEE Fund’s Investment Partners – Galvanising Funds towards Sustainable Finance

SEE Fund’s investment consortium includes Kevin Harrison, CEO and Founder BGI Capital Partners, a multi-family office across Europe, USA, Caribbean and Africa, Eva Law, Chairman of the Association of Family Offices Asia (AFO), with over 10,000 family office members, also serve as Managing Partner of SFOs: US Flex Group & Switzerland Wikienergy Family Limited, Scarlett Yin owner of Upperhouse Capital, a single family office in Hong Kong that invests & venture-builds startups utilising artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things and fintech to achieve carbon neutrality and a stock exchange market maker, Piers Dunhill, Chairman of Dunhill Ventures a global alliance of family offices from the GCC, Asia, Europe and the USA.

Eva Law, Chairwoman of AFO, said: “The key issue in the Sustainable Finance Market has been the financing gap. With WWG’s G17Eco platform and Fusang Exchange’s tokenisation, listing, and trading solution, the solution is now here. I see it as the AFO’s role to support futurist leaders in family businesses and responsible corporations across our network in order to accelerate and scale financing and delivery of SDGs.”

Kevin Harrison, Founder and CEO of BGI Capital Partners stated “With over two decades of experience in circularity and sustainability, we believe that the measurement, assessment, and qualification process should now take centre stage towards informed decision-making. We at BGI identify with this approach as foundational to sustainable project development for countries, corporates and individuals and are really excited to be part of this world changing consortium that will bring true legacy impact to our network of multi-generational family office investors”.

Piers Dunhill, Chairman of Dunhill Ventures said “We have a global team dedicated to bringing together family offices, sovereign wealth funds, HNWIs and institutional investors to meet with impact-driven companies from around the world. Our Dunhill Raising Impact Summit was positioned at the launch of COP28 in Dubai. We look forward to supporting the newly created consortium to launch the SEE fund at COP28.

Dunhill Ventures Managing Director Natalie Torin continued, “The UAE continues to be an excellent hub for innovation and investment aligned to sustainable development values, and we look forward to supporting the G17Eco platform, Fusang Exchange and the SEE fund and developing their opportunities in transforming how capital is transitioned to meet global SDG outcomes at scale.”

Ms. Scarlett Yin, CEO of Upperhouse Capital and a Certified Carbon Auditor with Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) added: “Public engagement & liquidity lie at the core of the Upperhouse ecosystem. Companies within portfolio are encouraged to unlock the power of the general public and reward their behavioural changes for sustainable lifestyles. With this new alliance of the SEE Fund, I am excited that investment opportunities and tech breakthroughs will be further democratised to the public.”


About Fusang Exchange

Fusang Exchange is a global digital stock exchange built to enhance rather than replace traditional finance. Operating with full regulatory oversight, we provide institutional-grade trading, custody and settlement infrastructure for securities, alternative investments, and private assets. Our robust and secure infrastructure unlocks global liquidity for primary issuances and secondary trading. For more information, please visit

About World Wide Generation and the G17Eco Platform

Established in 2016, World Wide Generation (WWG) is a sustainability assurance fintech company with a mission to deliver global solutions that support the financing and delivery of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement by 2030. WWG aims to deliver a global model for sustainable development – which is partnership-driven, holistic and transparent – by providing applications that unlock trusted, comparable and timely data. To enable our mission, we created the G17Eco platform.

About Association of Family Offices in Asia

AssocIation of Family Offices in Asia is a professional society in Asia which distinctively gathers single, multi and virtual family offices as well as industry societies in the region. AFO offers a range of consultancy services and organises activities to facilitate collaboration and co-investment among the prestige circle.

About Dunhill Ventures

Dunhill Ventures is a global alliance pairing the founders of growth-stage companies and funds with alternative sources of capital at large-scale impact investment summits and private family office roundtable events in the GCCs, Asia, Europe and the USA.

About Upperhouse Capital

Upperhouse Capital is a single-family office in Hong Kong that invests & venture-builds startups that utilise AI/ML, IoT and fintech to achieve carbon neutrality. The owner, Ms. Scarlett Yin, had been an early investor with multiple Chinese tech unicorns including DiDi, SenseTime, KuaiShou, XiaoMi, and successfully exited. Current 30+ sustainable portfolios are across markets but with a heavy focus in bridging MENA and Greater China, including Carbon Reserve, a trading platform democratising cutting-edge carbon-neutrality techs for general public, and ZERO2, an ESG lifestyle reward provider and a One Belt One Road showcase collaboration between HK-UAE governments.

About BGI Capital Partners

BGI Capital Partners is a boutique advisory firm that serves the needs of High Net Worth and affluent individuals, families, businesses, trusts and charities. Through its network, BGI identifies opportunities and possibilities, whether your vision is local or global and in so doing provides a single point of contact through advisors all backed by a sophisticated team of over 3000 experts in a variety of sectors worldwide.

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Media Contact for Association of Family Offices in Asia

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