IILM FDR 5.37% 09NOV2023

Past IILM FDR Token Information - IILM FDR 5.37% 09NOV2023

Security Name
IILM FDR 5.37% 09NOV2023
Security Symbol
Minimum Investment Amount

Non-retail investor: USD100 minimum lot size

Labuan LREs deploying regulatory capital: USD200,000 minimum size and any multiple of this amount

FDR Ratio
Each FDR representing USD100 in nominal value of the underlying IILM Sukuk
FDR size (no. of tokens issued on Listing Date)
Maturity Date
9 November 2023
1 month
Target Profit Rate
5.37% annualised
Listing Venue
Private Market of Fusang Exchange
Listing Date
27 October 2023
Fusang Exchange Ltd
Listing Sponsor
Baxian Bank Ltd.
MTrustee Berhad
Eligible Investors
Institutional and sophisticated investors
Shariah Compliance
The overall issuance are structured and executed in Shariah compliant manner in accordance with guideline provided by the Shariah Advisor of the transaction and all parties involved will commit to ensure the Shariah compliance of this issuance at all time.
Etherscan Page of FDR Token
Shariah Pronouncement

Underlying IILM Sukuk of IILM FDR 5.37% 09NOV2023

International Islamic Liquidity Management 2 SA
34 days
Target Profit Rate
Total Sukuk Size represented by FDRs on Listing Date (USD)
Maturity Date
9 November 2023
S&P: A-1 and Fitch: F1

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