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FinTech-in-a-Box Fees

Unlock the potential of financial technology with Fusang’s "Fintech-in-a-Box" solution, designed to provide start-ups and established institutions alike with a ready-to-deploy digital financial infrastructure. Our comprehensive package facilitates the rapid launch and scaling of your fintech operations, offering a turnkey solution with transparent pricing:

  • Setup Fee: A one-time fee covering the initial configuration and customisation of your platform to meet specific operational needs.
  • Monthly Service Fee: An ongoing fee that provides continuous access to our robust technological infrastructure and regular updates, ensuring your platform remains cutting-edge.
  • Transaction Fees: Competitive per-transaction charges that scale with your usage, designed to keep costs manageable as your business grows.
  • Additional Services: Optional enhancements and support services are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, allowing you to tailor the solution to your evolving requirements.

Fusang’s "Fintech-in-a-Box" is backed by our expertise in regulatory compliance and secure digital asset management, ensuring that you not only launch quickly but also operate with confidence. Contact us for a detailed pricing structure tailored to your specific needs and start transforming your fintech vision into reality today.

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