Fusang Exchange License

Portcullis Investment Office Private Ltd.

Portcullis Investment Office Private Limited is licensed by Fusang Exchange Ltd as a Type 3 Listing Sponsor on the Fusang Exchange.

The Licensee must at all times conduct its operations in accordance with the Rules of Exchange and any other regulations prescribed by Fusang Exchange Ltd for the activities authorised by this Licence.

This Licence is granted subject to the following conditions: None.

Entity Number: FSX-LS-010

Admission Date : 06 March 2023

Certificate Issuance Date: 06 March 2023

Certificate IPFS CID: QmaMR8jifE4CBu4mepJGmV4pVRrSWE6dpCzALh7fy6efhe

Portcullis Investment Office Private Limited

Portcullis Investment Office Private Limited was established in 2015 and was approved as a “Registered Fund Manager” by the Monetary Authority of Singapore nearly 2016. In 2018, its regulatory approval was upgraded to a full-fledged “Capital Markets Services” licence.Portcullis Investment Office focuses on wealth preservation and currently runs portfolios that have attained positive returns during its 5-years of operations, whereby these portfolios have been specifically designed to help achieve family goals and facilitate cash flow needs. Our expertise lies in equities, bonds, forex, hedge funds, structured products, private equity and venture capital.

Contact Details

Principal Officer: Samir Rajpal, CEO / Tye Lee Pang, Managing Director

Registered Office Address: 6 Temasek Boulevard, #09-05 Suntec Tower Four, Singapore 038986

Email: samir.rajpal@portcullis.co



Contact Number: +65 6496 0496