Lessons learnt from 2022 and the future of digital asset in 2023

Having bid adieu to 2022 just a few days ago, we ask Henry his opinion on the key takeaways from 2022 and if he thinks 2023 will continue to play out like a soap opera drama.

January 10, 2023
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Scouting the digital asset landscape

Amid a rapidly evolving environment, digital assets are expanding at a massive rate as adoption becomes more mainstream. This has brought on the urgent need to develop a regulatory framework, and forced financial institutions to examine misconceptions about digital assets; changing frameworks and structural models emerging from the digital asset world.

The truth is there will always be “growing pains” as weeding out unregulated and irresponsible actors will, always be, time consumingly painful! The fact remains that we are operating at the cutting edge of changing century old mechanisms of capital markets, not just by merely providing access to illiquid asset classes but by reinventing settlement and custody systems. Already in 2022, we saw rapid developments in the latter, with legacy traditional finance systems also picking up its own evolutionary pace.

We are at the front of transformative potential

We at Fusang have been busy exploring regulated solutions and structures which will allow us to unveil our own unique turnkey tokenisation solution for non-digitally native assets. Along with a custody and settlement system, the aim is to allow for fuss free tokenisation, providing issuers and investors a regulated fuss free marketplace for tokenised assets.

Join us on this journey and come with Fusang as we chart the course to the future. To explore, contact us at info@fusang.co

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